I had a dream that there was a block party going on in my neighborhood. Some kid was throwing around one of those foxtail toys, so I took it and threw it. It didn't go very high but I put a kind of spin on it that made it bounce really high when it landed, but nobody appreciated my talent. Then this little kid threw it as hard as he could at some house and it broke a window, and everyone clapped and cheered.

After that I was driving Matt L's old car, a black Passat. It was just sitting in my driveway so I wanted to drive it. I started going down the road and pulled onto Mr. L's street. It was a manual transmission, but I was driving fine until I realized that it was a stick, and then the car stalled immediately. It was like in the Wiley coyote cartoons, when he runs off a cliff but doesn't start falling until he looks down.

After that I had to push the car home.