Somehow I got this big guy mad at me. Now, I got a whole crowd of big guys mad at me, but their leader decided I wasn't worth any trouble and told them to leave me alone. One of the bigger ones said on his way out, "I could have crushed you both" (I was with someone, I guess). I said "uh huh, sure", but I was sarcastic about it and I knew that I shouldn't have been, because he was like "oh, so you don't believe me?"

Then he stepped over the little wall between us (???) and started threatening to punch me. But for some reason I was determined not to defend myself, as if that would make him stop. So he started punching me REALLY softly, three or four times in the head, but not hard enough to do anything. I was planning to defend myself as it he looked like he was gonna hit me hard, but then I woke up, so I couldn't destroy him. Maybe tonight!