I dreamt I was going to an Apocalyptica concert. It started at 8:00, but so did the Home Depot dinner, which was somehow connected. They postponed the concert until after the dinner, so everyone could go to both. After the dinner, they had karaoke, so I put up White Wedding, but really wanted to get to the concert which I could hear starting across the building. I looked at my watch and it was almost 1:00 in the morning, so I wanted to get my song over. After I sang, my dad put up a song, but didn't really sing to it, he just displayed some stock graphs.

I rushed off without everyone to get to the concert, and they hadn't even started yet. Some guy was tapping away on a piano, and the Apocalyptica guys were just sitting in the front row not doing much, just shaking hands. One of the guys was near me and I wanted to snap a picture with him, but I thought that would be kind of gay, so I took one without the flash and it came out dark. Then nothing more happened, but I had to get my timebomb fixed because it wouldn't take time zones into account. The guy at the store said he may have to change the battery, but that defeats why I even bought the watch.