I dreamt that I was playing the old Lemmings game. I vaguely remembered how to play it, and it turned out to be like Commander Keen anyway. I shot all the Vorticons, and then ended up near the top and had to shoot the Vorticon wives who all took three shots to go down. I don't know where that dream went, but I was in a house and some guy snuck in and we had to warn the girl upstairs that he might kill her. I got up there and had to avoid freaking her out, but then everyone got happy and called up some guy in a backcountry town out somewhere.

They were playing a prank and convinced everyone in the house that there was a new holiday instead of Christmas. They were all still really happy and asked when the day to celebrate was. The guy on the phone laughed and said 'uhhhh..December 8th'. He then hung up and realized that everyone in his town was celebrating this new holiday they made up, and December 8th was now the official celebratory date.

He then proclaimed to his own people that they would celebrate for 88 days afterwards as well. I then saw a sign that stated Dec8th-Dec39th was the holiday season. Snowmen started flying around singing variations on usual holiday songs only with words that were for the new holiday, most topics were 'We don't believe...' The guy in charge adopted a little black kid who swore a lot and tried to act cute.

Then my dad was driving around the neighbor's home which was on the water. The backyard wasn't finished and as we drove down the hill that was his yard, we got into some thick mud, and he drove the Saab in it. He tried to get back up the railing, but it was really slippery.