I dreamt I was playing Grand Theft Auto or some older game. I had my character climb 11 stories in a building and then shoot out the window and jump to his death.

Then I was back at work, and was about to leave, so I could get home on time. I was finishing off printing a calendar, when my boss threw a packet of things onto the printer. It was stuff he Photoshopped. I said some of these things would make good tattoo designs. Then I tried to leave, but all these national guard/secret service guys started walking in. Then Janet Reno came in surrounded for some reason.

I was able to leave at that point. It was a warm day for once, and I was in a city. People were walking out talking about how they wanted to put on some weight. They started saying how tall they were but were giving weird measurements like 4 foot 63. Then I woke up because that was dumb.