I had some big kind of bird that I was carrying and other birds just like it kept flying over with food for it while I carried it. Then I put it down in my apartment and it started running around like a dog. I wanted to feed it but I didn't know what to feed it.

Then I dreamt that I was packing up my car to go home after a vacation. Other guys were helping me, but they left something on the roof. I impressed everyone by jumping onto the roof (which was about 10 feet). While I was up there, I realized that I had a fear of heights. Then I saw the demon of the fear of heights slowly walking towards the house, in a trance. It was Queen Latifa. I got panicky and my legs become very weak, so I couldn't climb back down. But somehow I had the ability to run around yelling for help.

I asked one huge jacked guy to go down to the bottom of the circular stairwell and catch me, while I jumped (which doesn't make sense because I was too weak to just walk down the stairs). He was involved in a conversation, but eventually he agreed. Then I jumped and he caught me. Everyone cheered and Queen Latifa was now some short fat bald guy, who had a shocked look on his face. I patted him on the head as a way of rubbing it in that we beat him. Then everyone, including me, went back upstairs to celebrate.