I dreamt I was digging tunnels in the ground in I think director's yard, so I didn't want to get in trouble. I ended up in some field with a house. Once inside there were a group of people wandering about. We started watching a movie, when the phone rang and it was one of the girl's mothers. I picked it up and she thought I was the girl, so I started talking and pretending. The mother was worried about a creepy guy being in the house (me), then I gave the phone to the girl and the mother didn't notice that the voice changed.

I went outside to the field and looked at a hill which was half dug away. I figured that the government team that came after me, but didn't find me because I was in the house, covered over my tunnels. But then some dirt started falling and a doorway shaped opening appeared in the side of the hill. I pointed my flashlight in and looked around. I said to the person I was with, 'They don't like the light too much'. Then tons of huge spiders and alien-like things with long legs started crawling out of the hole and running after us. We got back in the house and closed the door. I had an idea that maybe they hated the light instead of being attracted to it. So I turned off the lights in the rest of the house and kept the front light on, and they all ran away (must have been a contrast thing). They only came towards the light to hurt it.

Then I was at work and someone was harassing me, so I got mad and put tons of black powder in one room and detonated it off. The blast fired lava out of the drain grates. I ran off to another building since I'd be in trouble now. The person that was harassing me put a bomb in this new building and made everyone evacuate. I figured this would be a good chance to blame both bombings on him and get off scot free.