Initially I was by myself and I was in Somerset walking to the Somerset high ice rink (which doesn't exist, and the place I was in also looks nothing like Somerset either) . So I was almost there and then there was this long green field in front of it. As I was walking on the field a green Taurus wagon whizzed by and did donuts in the parking lot. I ran to the car and Jon and Chris were inside. They got out and decided that we should trick and film on the green field. I was filming and they were tricking. Jon had a set of crutches and was using them to do front handsprings (or front crutchsprings if you will). At one point I was filming and the dream switched views so I had a cool underneath angle of the handspring and then the view changed back.

After a while of tricking we were getting ready to stop and go ice skating, when this huge group of guys wearing light blue/dark blue adidas suits walked by. They looked very threatening but Jon thought it would be funny to break up his crutches and throw them at them. They started getting mad and they got really mad when I hit a kid a long distance off. Jon and Chris ran back to the car. I was just meandering back when they surrounded me and started fighting me. They were good at fighting and could rap about their fighting as they were doing it. One kid tried to punch me in the face, but I caught the punch. Then he put me in this hold and threw me to the ground so that my face smashed into my hand which was holding his punch. I got better at fighting. Then I learned that if I threw one guy into another then would become 1. After doing this for a while there were only 5 guys left. I kicked their butts and they ran away.

Jon and Chris watched the whole fight from the car. When I got back to the car Jon put on this full Scottish dress kilt that was really just a big snickers ad and ran inside saying he was getting fitted for a real kilt. Chris and I went in the hockey rink and Connolly was playing Somerset. I saw Nick R. and Matt H. were on the Connolly team. So we couldn't go ice skating. I went back to the car. Then Jon came running out with a 7 foot tall Raggady Ann stuffed doll and Chris came out with a 7 foot tall Raggady Andy doll. We strapped them into seatbelts and drove off.