We were all in a car driving somewhere, and my Dad had to get out and go into some building. He came back out and started saying something, but I couldn't hear it too well, so I told Amy to turn the radio off. A few seconds went by and she hadn't attempted to hit any buttons, so I started punching the seat next to me and yelling "TURN THE RADIO OFF!!!" John Was in the back seat and was concerned about my outburst.

We drove back towards the center of town and then out away from it on another road. My Dad got out again and then my Mom drove down the street a bit and did a 180 in the car, causing it to skid. Then she drove back to the town because she couldn't be bothered to wait for everyone. We ended up back at St. Lucy's and were just walking by, but decided to stay for Mass, since communion was coming up shortly. I was drinking some juice and put the empty cup in the pamphlet holder.