I was going to enter a marathon or something. I took an off-ramp somewhere but had to return to get back to the race. The onramp was really steep and I was on a bike now. I couldn't get up, so I shifted into first gear and finally made it up to the top. The road was made out of blankets, and I had to grab onto everything just to try to get up. Every time I moved, it was harder to climb up, but I finally made it. There was one of my clocks at the top, so I threw it down the cliff that I just climbed up and onto some blankets. But when it hit the blankets, they propelled the clock onto a hard surface. This made me to mad, I put all the pennies that I had in my pocket into a plastic cup, and arched it in a way that all the pennies flew onto the beach below the cliff. Someone yelled 'look, pennies'.

I was going to continue on the marathon, but I was barefoot, and that hurt. I left, and would return later. It got pretty late though, and I missed gymnastics and would be running the race forever. I wondered if there would still be someone at the end calling the times, when I finally finished.

Then I was fighting in some game with all of us there. We got out of some robot, and John almost got crushed by its leg. We all rushed over a hill and saw tons of turrets, which started firing at us. They kept firing streams of white pellets that we had to dodge. We had no weapons at the moment, but still were able to dodge the line of fire and the enemies. I found a gun near a dead body and rolled over it to grab the gun before and enemy got it. It only had one bullet, so I started using the end to hit people in the head over and over to kill them. I found some shells around and loaded the gun, then stuck it in someone's mouth and started blowing holes in his head. I found some fireworks too and lit them off since there weren't firework laws where I was. After lighting it, it started flying around and started burning everyone. John seemed to be immune though, since he paddled his hands around in the sparks.

Later I dreamt a fat person ordered a lot of salt, and I said salt gives you Acne. Then I debated with someone over good and bad salts. Like fries are bad salts, and eggs are good salts.