My family and I were flying somewhere but we had to do a stop for a little while. When we landed it was dusky and I could just see the outlines of tall buildings out the airport window. I figured out we were in Singapore. A little while later I found this thing that is a scooter but for the water, so I jumped on it and into the river and started skimming along. It went really fast and I was scared. I had to jump over a few boats and canoes and stuff in the water, then I got good at the jumping and starting adding style to it. I ended up jumping sideways into another smaller body of water. It turned out that this was the backyard of the Singapore police department, and there were a lot of little ponds in the yard so I went high speed pond jumping. One of the policemen yelled at me so I left and went back where I came from. Then I was at the airport again and my family and I stayed in a house that was in the airport. The house was old and had a lot of antique furniture. We all drank tea.