I had a whole bottle of wine last night which is apparently a good recipe for having numerous crazy dreams.

In one of the dreams I was reading the newspaper but the pictures of the newspaper could play like video. I watched clips about the PC basketball game and one of the Europeans on the team had a good game.

The craziest dream I remembered really well when I woke up, but was too lazy to write it down. I think I remembered it so well because right after the dream, I had another dream in which I described the previous dream to my roommates, and they all told me I was crazy.

Most of the dream took place at a Beach resort on the Caribbean in Texas very close to the Mexican border. I wasn't myself, but some guy in his older 20's. My wife, who was Madonna, owned a beachside resort. For some reason I came to be in possession of the most powerful object in the universe, which was a bouquet of yellow foam flowers. People soon started to attack me to try and get it. I was on the porch of the resort and some guy tried to grab the flowers. When he touched them he turned into this giant hanging banana thing. Then when I saw him again later he had frozen into this weird abstract yellow shape. I told Madonna we needed to kick all the guests at the resort out so I could turn the building into my stronghold, and we did... The last thing I remember is being in this room in the middle of the day with antique dining furniture, portrait paintings, and lots of velvet draperies including curtains that were blocking out the light. Madonna got onto a chair and took down the most important portrait.