I dreamt that I was remembering the Christo vs. Emperor fight, and it took place in front of a big gothic mansion with flames shooting out of these grates. When we went back to film the second half, we went to the same patch in the forest that we film everything. I asked Chris where we filmed the first half, since I wasn't there at the time (even though I was the emperor), and he said it was filmed at 92 pro fm.

While we were in the forest, people started walking by, and I thought it might be Director or that hiker guy we met at the bird sanctuary, but more and more people kept coming. Some scientist came up and I pretended to look over at my shoulder and watched the TV, then I told him we were just having a picnic. I followed the scientist and his film guy to the corn field and thought it would be a really cool idea to film on the ice, and then fall through it for the finale. The scientist started talking to the camera and proclaimed that this section of the corn field is the dead zone.