I dreamt I was in some forest/field with some other people. I noticed some cops coming around the bend, and they came over to us and started citing us for 35 different offenses. Then the women cop started rattling off all the offenses acting like it was an injustice and embarrassed to be having to cite us, but still continuing. Everyone once in a while, they'd bare their teeth, and I realized they were all vampires and wanted to kill us by disguising as cops. Somehow we ended up killing them all and leaving in a van. The credits started then, and some guy went into a monologue until they got home.

Then the credits were done and movie continued, as killing the cops wasn't the 'real' ending. As the camera followed the van around the side of the house, I saw that one of the people that I was with was now a vampire and attacking another person. The dog became a vampire but that wasn't relevant. I grabbed a shovel and broke the metal part off and went behind the vampire who was on someone attacking them. I stabbed towards the vampire, but missed and the shovel handle just sort of arc'd back towards me and hit its belt. I tried again and it went clear through the vampire's back and then clear through the neck of the person being attacked. So everyone died except me, and then I woke up, because it was a very stressful dream.