Gingerbread Haunted House


I wanted to make sure I didn't let the entire season go by without at least one Halloween article. I made a new banner, so it would be a pity letting it go to waste. I did keep up with the daily countdown so hopefully you can be a little forgiving.

Anywho, I had a few articles planned, but it looks like this will be the only one. Mainly because I already had the photos on hand from a few weeks ago, and it would take little effort to post them with some writeup. Gingerbread houses have been pretty hit or miss in my experience--mostly in the 'miss' category if I'm honest. Usually they either fall apart while I'm trying to construct them, or they never look as they're suppose to.

I'll concede that I'll never achieve the latter, as I lack any sort of artistic talent, but I was hoping that I could at least get it to stand up straight. The beautiful thing about this kit is that it contains these brackets. They keep everything level and square, just like me. I see that they even trademarked the 'technology', which seems like a jerk move, as now no other kit can give you any hope for proper completion.

Green frosting is the gimmick here, and it works quite well. After massaging the frosting to a happy ending, you mix in the emerald angel dust until it's more of less the same consistency. The inclusion of a frosting bag was a nice touch. I didn't think it would work too well, but it actually did. At least until the other end sort of started pushing frosting all over my hand.

But it was worth it to end up with these pleasing gingerbread seams, mainly because the brackets do all the work and you can't actually mess them up. Clips for the roof also prevent them from sliding off and ruining the whole project.

Now comes the part that's all on you. There are some guides for how you should decorate it, but nothing formal. I will pass the buck and claim that I didn't do the work you see above. Well I did the black criss-crosses, but that's about it. I'm not sure why there are smears of green under the rest either.

Sugar decor helps prevent you from making too many mistakes, as do the paper accents. These would be fine if they folded in any permanent way. I ended up having to tape them into place before using the frosting to glue them to the roof. After that, it was solid.

So there's the finished product. I'm sorry that it's not what you expected. Unless you figured I wouldn't do it right, in which case you're welcome. Happy Halloween if your town allows it.