Oh My Gif


*** Groan ***

Drago: Why did you wake me?

Cael: Well, Easter is over, so it's that time of year again when people start to think about Halloween.

Drago: A bit early for that, no?

Cael: Some may say, but there's a demand for it.

Drago: So, I take it we will be doing something Halloween related today?

Cael: Not in the slightest.

Cael: We're going to take a look at these bad-boys.

Drago: What are those? Some sort of blind box? Aren't there enough of those, and aren't they like $8 a pop?

Cael: Yes, and yes. But we didn't pay.

Drago: Cool. And just so we're on the same page...how do you pronounce that?

Cael: "GIF"

Drago: Okay, that's what I thought. Glad it's settled.

Cael: So here we have the ever popular 'weightlifting burger' and 'stinky pickle trashcan' GIFs.

Drago: Those are staples. How could anyone forget? I see that they animate to a degree.

Cael: Very perceptive. That will play into things soon.

Drago: How soon?

Cael: Not enough.

Cael: There's also a card that you can scan.

Drago: Are you going to scan it.

Cael: Yes, later.

Drago: You won't, will you? I think the donut died, by the way.

Cael: Probably. They boxes are also supposed to fold out into some display, but I messed that up and ripped them.

Drago: This checklist says there are 50 of them. Are we going for the full set?

Cael: Only if they're given to us. I only see the two boxes though.

Drago: Yet there is a stack of those cards.

Cael: Forget about those. They actual figures are right in front of us.

Drago: Some avocado thing and a hangry alligator?

Cael: I'm starting to question how these relate to GIFs.

Drago: Starting?

Cael: Well they do animate in some fashion.

Drago: I guess. They seem to have more in common with emojis, though.

Cael: I think they're more like emoticons.

Drago: Those are sideways. There's probably another name for the horizontal 'faces'.

Cael: Rest assured...someone in the comments will enlighten us.

Drago: So, are we done?

Cael: You spoke too soon. I see why we had so many of the display cards.

Drago: I'm in a hurry, can we just montage the animations.

Cael: Don't see why not...

Drago: We will never speak of this again.

Cael: Hey, I just realized... Oh My Gif = OMG

Drago: Yeah, I'll see you in October.