Easter 2022



Happy Easter!

Gno-more: I take it, you have no more need for us today?

Hedgekin: Not in the slightest!




Drago: We paid our rent for the month...early. Why are you here?

Cael: Please say that you don't have some random task for us.

Jeeves: It's not random by any means.

Jeeves: But first, let's get those hearts off the floor. Valentines was months ago.

Drago: Consider it considered. I'm guessing you don't have anything to give in return?

Jeeves: On the contrary. I've brought your favorite delight.

Cael: You know that brings back terrible memories. Why would you do such a thing.

Cael: They're already starting to reach sentience. No good can come of this.

Jeeves: That is only part. Around this place, I've hidden a bounty of Easter Eggs. Your task is to find them. It will be fun.

Drago: We'll be sure to keep an eye out, and to try and avoid stepping on them. Just glad you didn't bring any table scatter this time.

Jeeves: I would never.

Cael: Don't listen to him. This apartment is a house of lies.



Jeeves: Out of the way stranger.

Big Pumpy: You honestly don't remember that we worked for you?

Jeeves: Enough small talk. The Easter Egg hunt commences.

Jeeves: As you see, based on the samples in my truck bed, colorful eggs have been strewn about.

Meow Mix: Wait, have you been sneaking in when we were out?

Jeeves: I cannot confirm this accusation.

Sands O'Time: I suppose these samples don't count towards the hunt, do they?

Jeeves: They do not

Sands O'Time: Rats...


CyberRaven: Rats...

CyberRaven: Rats... Rats... Rats...

Enough about rats. Let's talk about eggs

And I can't be blamed for these ones this time.


Cael: Nonononononono

Cael: He chose the ones with the glitter.

Drago: That's not the worst of it.

Cael: No?

Drago: He left off more crafts to finish. How did we sign up for this?

Cael: Never a moment's rest, is there?

Meow Mix: Did someone say, "crafts"?

Cael: Yes. Would you like to whitewash our fence, metaphorically speaking?

Meow Mix: Well that reference will certainly be lost on most, but yes. I would like to help.

Drago: Perfect. We haven't even started, so you're in luck.

Meow Mix: May I request these morsels as payment?

Cael: That's a tall request, but after a second or two of consideration. Yes...


Hogbug: Do you like your present?

Hedgekin: I wasn't aware that this was a gift-giving holiday.

Hogbug: Does it bear any resemblance to its religious roots at this point?

Hedgekin: Fair point.

Hogbug: Nevertheless, your choice leaves much to be desired.

Hogbug: You may want to sleep outside tonight.


Meow Mix: Are we cleaning this up anytime soon?

Cael: Yes, yes. Stop harping on the two month old clutter.

Meow Mix: Struck a nerve, did we? Anyway, try to follow along. First grab ahold of the side--

Drago: Um...why is mine pink?

Meow Mix: Sign of the times and all, but you're not allowed to complain.

Meow Mix: As I was saying: unwrap the inside and secure it with a paper clip.

Meow Mix: Gingerly peel off one of these stickers without tearing off one of the fragile whiskers.

Meow Mix: And we're done.

Cael: How did the tail get secured?

Meow Mix: You saw me do it. I don't have to narrate every step.





Yowie, I'm Crag!

Big Pumpy: Will you have any relevance on this story?

Crag: Surely not


Cael: Gotta admit. These aren't half bad once you get them finished.

Drago: For sure. I'm almost liking my pink one.

Drago: Almost...

Catskills: Not to interrupt, but I think I found some of the hidden eggs.

Catskills: They do appear a little weird though. That dragon isn't right if you ask me.

Cael: Best not call him a dragon, but I agree. These are quite hideous.

Drago: And mine is opening up. What gives?

Meow Mix: Gross. This one is birthing a worm.

Meow Mix: Correction. It's not a worm.

Drago: Akth. Why to these creepy things always end up in my mouth?

Cael: You're not alone. They're everywhere!

Meow Mix: Tsk tsk. Now you will see the true benefit of crafting.

Cael: What's that suppose to mean?



Meow Mix: See. Never underestimate the craft.


Cael: Thanks for throwing this Easter party, Jeeves.

Drago: Almost makes up for the weird alien eggs.

Drago: But subtract a few points for dragging this out here with us.

Jeeves: My pleasure. It'll factor nicely into the maintenance fee increase next month.

Jeeves: Is everyone enjoying themselves?

Benny: Certainly not. I have one arm, and no Goblin Juice!

Jeeves: Very good. Happy Easter!