About the Site

It's yet another website. I can't seem to stop making them. Often I will make small single-serving pages that I can hopefully ignore at a later time once I get bored of them. However I did want to start a site that would document a lot of the things that I'm interested in, the places I visit, or just as an excuse to delay cleaning the attic by taking a million photos of what I find.

I won't lie, the main inspiration came from years of following X-Entertainment and now Dinosaur Dracula. His sheer joy from the mundane always hit home for me, and I had hopes of doing something similar. I suppose there's no shortage of nostalgia blogs, but luckily I'm ignorant and I don't have any concept of how much I'm treading on well-worn ground.

So what's with the name of the site? Well back in the 2000's (and pretty much specifically 2000/2001), the term 'blog' hadn't really formed yet. Short for 'web log', there were plenty of sites that added updates to their front page, and I thought that was a rather silly idea. Typically I would visit a site, consume the content, and then be on my way. I didn't imagine a website author would anticipate that I would come back and see if things had changed, let alone on a regular basis.

As sites evolved and more people started their own personal ones, not everyone had a concrete topic or purpose for them. This would later lead to blogs, but for the time being, they were known an E/N sites, short for Everything & Nothing. They would be about almost anything, yet still without a solid focus. That is my goal here. I didn't want to be locked into anything specific, and I certainly know I'm not capable of staying on topic for very long.

Hopefully you enjoy your stay. I originally wanted to write this as a database driven site, which would have been much easier to maintain, but I also wanted the early 2000's resiliency of static HTML. Hopefully it doesn't become a pain to keep up with, and I don't crash and burn with like 3 entries.