Halloween 2019 - Day 01


Cael: So are you sure these are finger-puppets? They look a little off to me.

Cael: I mean I can get half my arm in one. They're even doubling as hats.

Drago: To be honest, I don't know. That's what you get by shopping at the dollar store.

Drago: ...and so they're a little unorthodox, but how else would anyone tell us apart.

Drago: I'm sure there's plenty of unintended uses for them.

Cael: Fair enough. Well as you know, it's the start of October, and October means Halloween is coming. With the cash shortage lately, I've gotten a gig decorating for some fancy event. The only catch is that they're bringing one item each day.

Drago: That seems awfully arbitrary. So are the items at the end of the month only going to be out for a few days?

Cael: No idea. It didn't make any sense, but they're payrolling me, so I don't have to bother with any of that 1099 nonsense.

Drago: Hmm, solar pumpkins. I'm guessing they're going green.

Cael: Seems like it. Lighting the season 5 lumens at a time.

Drago: On 3...Rock Paper Scissors

Cael: I really don't get how paper defeats a rock. That's the laziest loopback I've ever heard.

Cael: There's two boxes, you know we both could have opened one.

Drago: No, no. You're doing great. I'd drop them or something.

Cael: Oh good, the rim is unfinished metal. A perfect place to hoist myself down.

Cael: Alright, so how does this work. I'm not sure if Fall is the ideal time to rely on abundant sunlight.

Cael: Hey Mr. Birdy, give it a look inside and see if anything's lighting up.

Mr. Birdy: Caw.

Drago: I'm no engineer, but perhaps the switch labeled On/Off might provide a clue.

Drago: Hey, I'm a certified Hardy Boy after solving that mystery.

Cael: Oooh

Drago: Aaah

Mr. Birdy: Caaaw

Cael: I still don't think those are fingerpuppets...