Halloween 2019 - Day 02


Drago: So why is that we can't go home between days. Are we going to spend the entire month here?

Cael: I already told you, we're waiting for the next delivery. They're operating under cable TV technician hours.

Drago: But we don't even have a proper bathroom. There's just that hole you dug out back. Or maybe it's the grave I crawled out of. Either way, it's unhygienic.

Drago: Mr. Birdy, entertain me.

Drago: Ugh, it's dabbing. Please, please, please stop...

Cael: Do you hear a screeching, rusty sound?


Evening Gentlemen, we represent our mutual "client" and have a delivery for you.

Pay no attention to the signage, I had to borrow the vehicle I use for my "side business"

Cael: And what, pray-tell, is your side business?

Never you mind. My name is Jeeves, and this is Hives.

Cael: Jeeves, like the old search engine?

Jeeves: One and the same, but that was a long time ago, and I'll ask that you never bring it up again.

Anyway I have your next decorative item in the back here. And by all means, please don't assist me in any way.

Jeeves: Oof. Here is a stack of decorative maple leaves. Pin them to the walls, or just leave them scattered on the ground. I'm not entirely sure it matters.

Cael: Wow, thanks for throwing them on my lap. So do you happen to have a knife to cut these strings.

Jeeves: I do not

Jeeves: Goodbye

Drago: Well they were pleasant.

Cael: I know they say don't shoot the messenger, but 30 days of this, and I just may.

Cael: Oh, it was just a slip knot. That seems secure for long distance travel.

Cael: Everyone dive in. Let's get this over with. Even you Mr. Birdy.

Mr. Birdy: Caw!

Drago: Ok we have a problem. The rest seem to follow the traditional autumnal color pallette, and then we have these two pastel pink leaves. What gives?

Cael: Not sure. And This one is just white cardboard. I think we got swindled. I hope they don't take this out of my pay.

Drago: Well I know this isn't even my job, but I'm making the executive decision to "accidentally lose" these.

Cael: Wonderful. That's a job well done.

Drago: We literally just threw them all over the floor and called it a day.

Cael: Yes, that's why it was a job well done. We exerted practically no effort, and I'll get paid all the same.

Drago: Speaking of pay, are you sharing...

...Mr. Birdy, put those back on the ground. You can't wear the decorations!