Halloween 2019 - Day 03


Cael: I made the mistake of saying that I never watched the old Universal Monster movies.

Drago: You said that online?

Cael: Yeah, big mistake. I mean they're right up my alley, but their quiet nature just puts me to sleep every time. I can't help it.

Drago: Sorry, that one's on you. Never reveal your preferences to a hobbyist group. The gatekeepers will tear you apart.

Cael: I suppose. I just thought I found a group that I could confide in.

I hear that rusty sound again...


Drago: Aaaugh, you ran me over

Jeeves: Cael, tell your friend to pipe down. I bring today's decoration.

Cael: Isn't there a way you can bring more than one, so this doesn't take all month?

Jeeves: Not at all.

I present the limited edition Orange and Black creme Junior Mints. Doesn't that artwork just scream Halloween?

Jeeves: Now understand this: The box is for decorative purposes only. You are not to eat the contents.

Cael: Can we at least get some food then? We're on day 3, and I haven't eaten since I left home.

Jeeves: You'll have to run that by our "client"


Drago: I just have one thing to say...

Drago: We are totally eating these mints

Cael: Hmmm, these aren't too bad. Even the Birdy likes them. Doesn't chocolate kill birds though, or is that just dogs.

Drago: I think birds can't eat bread or something. I'm pretty sure I've genocided an entire species of duck in my youth. We didn't know any better.

Drago: That leads to another question. Why dye the creme filling.

It's already in your mouth when they're broken from the chocolate coating. Unless you plan to eat with your mouth open, and that's just disgusting.

Mr. Birdy: Glugglgluugugguglugggg...

Drago: Mr. Birdy, close your mouth when you eat!