Halloween 2019 - Day 04


Cael: When I told you to run home and grab us something to eat, I was hoping for something a bit more substantial.

Drago: Um, Haunted...Ghost... what could fit the season better than these?

Cael: But aren't these like insanely hot. I have a sensitive palate.

Drago: No, no. They're fine, crawl in and grab one.

Cael: They don't look too bad. Guess it's better than nothing.

Drago: You'll be fine. Stop being a pansy.

Cael: Graaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Drago: Hahaha, gotcha! I've never eaten these in my life.

Anyway, when are those two butlers arriving to drop off today's items.

Cael: Oh them? They dropped everything off this morning. It took several trips. How did you miss that?

Drago: What? Where?

Cael: Right over there. Your bird has claimed one I think.

Drago: Well, I admit, he has good taste. So do we split the other two?

Cael: Well none of this is ours, but if we're going to call dibs for now, I'm all about that Candy Shop.

Not that it contains any candy, which is disappointing.

Drago: Likewise. I'm not getting 'haunted' vibes from the smile on this spider's face.

Cael: Well one thing is terrifying in any case.

Cael: I figured at some point, the bird would be crapping on everything, but this is just an extra level of wrong.