Halloween 2019 - Day 05


Cael: Here it comes...

Drago: Here *what* comes?


Drago: Oh...I really should have seen that coming.

Jeeves: Cael, tell your friend to be more careful.

Jeeves: We bring precious cargo, and we cannot afford to risk damaging it.


Cael: Ow, my foot! I thought this was fragile?

Drago: Too late, they're gone.

Cael: Great, I guess I have to untangle these all now too.

Cael: This is a nightmare. They're the icicle kind too. That doesn't even make sense for Halloween.

Drago: Colder climates still celebrate Halloween. There are places where it snows in October.

Cael: Nonsense. I'll hear none of that.

Okay, just a few more loops and twists...

Drago: Fine mess you're making with this. You should have left them in the bundle.

Cael: You could always help too.

Drago: Well I didn't mean you were doing *that* bad of a job.

Cael: And voila, there it is.

Drago: That's what voila means, you don't have to repeat it in English.

Cael: You're in a choice mood today. Let's get the lights off and see if that helps.

Cael: You have to admit, this does wonders for the place.

Drago: I will never admit that, but I won't deny it either.

Drago: Curious though... is the box considered a decoration too?

Cael: Actually I have no idea. They left too quickly. Ugh, I know I'm going to catch flak for this.