Halloween 2019 - Day 06


Jeeves: ...and let that be a lesson to you. Our client will not forgive another transgression.

Jeeves: That box definitely was a decoration. Your pay will reflect its absence.

Cael: How was I supposed to know? You all left after tossing 500lbs on my foot.

Jeeves: That was an insurance matter. Please think in the future.

Cael: And yet running over Drago didn't trigger any flags?

Jeeves: I have no idea who you are talking about. Now pipe down so we can get today's item.

Jeeves: I must warn you, this is even more important than yesterday's

Jeeves: There are live rats in this package. They haven't breathed since this morning when we wrapped them.

I trust that you will open it in a timely fashion, so we do not return to carrion littering the place.

Cael: What?! How could you wrap up live rats? That's just cruel.

Jeeves: We used a vacuum, please stop asking rhetorical questions.

Cael: This is doubly bothersome.

Drago: Why so?

Cael: I feel the need to free them, but then we'll be infested with vermin.

Cael: And now I'm doubting if this packaging also needs to be kept. This is all so confusing.

Drago: Good news...they're alive. Bad News...they're slimy. Why are rats slimy?

Cael: Soaking in their own waste for hours I imagine. Phew, they stink.

Drago: That's disgusting, but I guess it may help clean up the place. All we need is another food item, and we risk a plague.