Halloween 2019 - Day 07


Cael: What do you mean you had to bring the kid? We barely have enough room for us and the bird. It's only going to get worse as 25 more decorations arrive.

Drago: It's not my fault. I lost my wife last night, so now I have to watch him for the day.

Cael: What! You're wife died?!

Drago: No, she's lost. I can't find her.

Cael: Oh, ok. Well just keep him out of trouble.

Cael: And what's wrong with his hip bones? They look like they've been put on backwards.

Drago: Hey if any of my genetics made it into the mix, he'd be a Greek god, but this is what we got.

Cael: Hey, he's getting into today's item!

Drago: Well look at it this way, he can be of use. We'll just use him to open the decorations each day.

Drago: I come from a long line of child laborers. It's in our blood.

Cael: I thought you said that you didn't contribute much to his genetic makeup...

Drago: I pick and choose when convenient

Cael: Well they never noticed that the Junior Mints went missing. I guess we can do the same for these Cocoa Crisp M&M's.

Drago: I agee, theeth yare delithith.

Drago: Gooth joth lithle budthy.