Halloween 2019 - Day 09


Drago: Another day they just dropped things off without telling us?

Cael: Yeah, but their company leaves a lot to be desired. We can all agree on that.

Drago: Fair point

Cael: You were right though. It's getting to be a huge pain to fit stuff around here without it looking cluttered. We have over 20 more days, and with a few more large items like this, those rats will be touching my feet when I sleep a little more often than I'd like.

Cael: Ah perfect. Tucked the lights into the lantern and somehow I've found a way to make yellow and purple work together. Who says men can't color coordinate.

Drago: That lantern is clearly green. Obviously it's part of the GOP party.

Cael: GOP? I thought we weren't getting political

Drago: Green-Orange-Purple. The only three colors allowed during Halloween.

Cael: Oh okay, I suppose you're right.

Cael: But Yellow is still playing a role in your personal decor at the moment.

Drago: Hmmm? How so?

Cael: Look down...

Drago: Why hasn't anyone cleaned this up!

! ! ! ! ! ! !