Halloween 2019 - Day 10


Jeeves: On your job application, you claimed that you would be able to lift 60lbs, correct?

Cael: I don't recall that question

Jeeves: I'm sorry to hear that.

I present to you something close to your heart. I have it on good authority that none of these are from any distant relatives of yours.

Cael: Umm, first...thanks...I guess. Second, that jar is wildly in poor taste.

Cael: Distant relatives or not...

Cael: How would you take it if I presented a bottle of chopped up dragon limbs to you?

Jeeves: That is irrelevent, for I am not a Dragon.


Jeeves: Take these bones and insult me no longer.

Cael: Hey! You could of given it to us gently

Jeeves: True. I 'could have', not 'could of'....

Cael: Drago! Are you okay?

Drago: I believe so. Now do me a favor and convince the rats that I am. They're ready to scavenge my body for scraps.

Cael: That's unsettling. It's scary how prepared they seemed.