Halloween 2019 - Day 11


Drago: Please don't stand like that

Ceal: Why not?

Drago: It just looks mildly obscene, is all.

Cael: I think that says a little more about you to be honest.

Jeeves: Cael! Put your tallywhacker away. This is a family friendly affair.

Jeeves: We have an easy task for you today. It simply involves dumping things on the floor. Are you up for this challenge?

Jeeves: The packaging states that there are 100 items in this bag, but don't confuse this as anything more than one single item for today.

Cael: Um, I'm pretty sure I would understand that. It's sort of a given.

Jeeves: Carry on then. And make sure they go *over* the leaves, not under. That will lead to some unslightly bumps.

Jeeves: And time is ticking before the bats suffocate as well. Chop chop.

Cael: What? Why do you keep vacuum sealing live animals into bags? It's inhumane

Cael: Phew, just in time....Wait, these are just hard plastic bats. They tricked us into working faster.


Drago: Great job. I suppose we should scatter these around, so they're not just in one big pile.

Drago: Hmm, they are hard plastic. Almost sharp to the touch. Why would this be considered a good table scatter?

Drago: We've essentially just scattered caltrops around, thus making the place uninhabitable.

Cael: Well I give up. This whole place is getting out of control.