Halloween 2019 - Day 13


Jeeves: Ah, just as planned. I knew we could count on their lack of restraint.

Cael: I want to die...

Jeeves: Cael! Wake up. I bring more items. Today's is most special.

Cael: Ergh, how special. I can't assemble anything today if it comes to that. I'll end up seeing twice the building supplies.

Jeeves: No assembly needed, just your love. He has hitched a ride in back.

Jeeves: Please show him a bit more love than the bear you stashed in the corner. Luckly with space being so limited, you may not have that chance.

Jeeves: He's also very sensitive, and will not tolerate being called a gourd. That's like the n-word of the pumpkin world.


Drago: It's okay, I can't feel anything below my skull.

Cael: Just a quick question. It is alive or inanimate?

Jeeves: Yes

Drago: That wasn't very helpful.

Drago: But I have an idea.

Cael: No, we're not gutting an eating him.

Drago: That's *not* what I was thinking.

Hey sonny boy. I've got you a new friend. Please take care of his every need forever.

Drago: If you do a good job, I may look for your mother.

Drago: Aw, so precious. I think this will all work out for the best.

Drago: And I really need to rethink sitting on these bats. I think some might be permanently lodged in some unmentionable locations.