Halloween 2019 - Day 14


Drago: I'm not sure if he had babies or just decorated his droppings. Either way, I'm disgusted.

Cael: I would have ruled out babies on the account of Jeeves callig him a 'he', but I won't rule out spontaneous creation.

Cael: And speaking of droppings, how did the smiling poo get their own throne. It's bad enough that autumn leaves hide doggy landmines this time of year; there's no sense making them royalty over it.

Drago: I thought that was another 'gift' from the Dragons. Then again, we've accounted for all of the daily items, so now I'm at a loss.

Drago: Come to think of it, it seems things change overnight. We really should try to be more alert at night.

Cael: Well I'm not giving up my beauty sleep. Auuuugh! I picked some of them up by accident. We really need to start cleaning up around here.

Drago: That's what I've been saying for days.

Pardon me, coming through...

Drago: Um, who are you?

I'm Meow Mix...

...and I'm Sands O'Time

Meow Mix: And we come bearing gifts

Drago: Yet the box is empty. You're off to a poor start.

Meow Mix: No, no. We're here to baby-sit your son for a while.

Sands: Free of charge!

Drago: You don't say?

Hey sonny, rise and shine. Your chariot awaits.

Drago: So do you have any references or anything. And why are you taking him away in a coffin?

Meow Mix: We work for your "client", and he can provide the references.

Cael: The same client we've never met...

Meow Mix: There we go sweet child. Your eternal slumber begins...

Drago: Pardon me?

Sands: It's just a figure of speech. Now could you help me cram his feet into the casket, they're enormous for his age.

Meow Mix: Au revoir, mes amis

Sands: Call us if you need anything

Drago: Buh-bye

Cael: Bye...

Drago: Wait, they didn't leave any contact info. I'd be more suspicious of this scenario if it didn't benefit me so well.