Halloween 2019 - Day 15


Drago: We probably should have paced ourselves a little better. This bottle really could have lasted for days. I'm mean look at it. It's huge

Cael: Well maybe it still has some use. Rub it and make a wish. Perhaps a genie will grant you something.

Drago: I wish the world was full of unicorns and rainbows...

Cael: What the?!



Cael: I'm going to kill you...

Jeeves: Well done minions. You have retreived the key component for our sacrifice.

Meow Mix: Was no trouble. They bought the baby-sitting ruse hook, line, and sinker.

Sands: To be honest, we might have been able to simply tell the truth and he would have agreed all the same. He didn't even hesitate.

Jeeves: Regardless, we are one step closer. The plans are aligning, unlike my front teeth.

Big Pumpy: Yee-ah, we got em good.

Jeeves: Shut up Pumpy, we know you didn't help. Now why does this lid refuse to stay closed?

Sands: The kid has huge feet. It's rather disgusting if you ask me.

Jeeves: Agreed, most revolting.

Jeeves: Onward to the next task at hand.

Cael: Like we needed more things to clean up. And why am I the only one doing the tidying up around here?

Cael: Filth! Everywhere!

Drago: Never mind that. We received another gift without having to see the Dragons.

Cael: You know they're not Dragons. Don't antagonize them.

Drago: No chance. Anyway, this appears to be more of an accessory gift. Perhaps future deliveries will make use of them.

Cael: Maybe one was supposed to go in the yellow lantern?

Drago: Green...

Cael: Whatever...

Cael: On the plus side, the box is clear, so they shouldn't notice if we toss or keep it.

Cael: On the negative side, they're coated with black glitter, so I now have terminal crafting herpes.

Cael: One click and they're on... Sort of underwhelming.

Drago: Try without the lights.