Halloween 2019 - Day 17


Cael: Where did that come from?

Drago: Not sure. It wasn't there like two seconds ago.

Cael: Well it couldn't just walk in on its own...

Big Pumpy: Heya boys. What's kickin'?

Cael: Oh, it's one of those things. Somehow it has an even more irritating accent than the others.

Big Pumpy: My name's Pumpy...Big Pumpy. I figured I'd save the boss some trouble and bring today's item on over for ya.

Big Pumpy: It really was no trouble. Do feel free to leave a proper recommendation.

Big Pumpy: I'd really appreciate it.

Drago: Why do I have the feeling that he falls on his head like this a lot?

Big Pumpy: Toodles! Catch you 'round the bend.

Drago: Another second of that, and I'd be burying a body underneath the pumpkin droppings.

And like I thought...more candle holders. Can I call it, or can I call it?

Cael: Yes yes, you can call it. Guess we'll start working through the tea lights.

Cael: Say cheese...

Drago: What's that supposed to mean? We're just lighting a candle.

Cael: No idea. I think the pumpkin stole some IQ points by osmosis.

Big Pumpy: EH-yo, I delivered the lantern right on time. How's that raise looking now?

Jeeves: You idiot, that was part of OUR decor. We weren't going to part with it. And get down from that pillar!

Big Pumpy: Soooo, you're not happy then?

Jeeves: Let's just say we have no place to burn the unicorn droppings now.

Jeeves: Lucky for you, tomorrow's gift is capable of delivering itself.

Big Pumpy: Great! I'll get right on it.

Jeeves: I'm leaving it to the two competent ones this time. Just lay low and find another barrel and some kindling.

Meow Mix: You got it boss. You can count on us.

Big Pumpy: Well fine. Guess I'm not needed around here.

Sands: No, you're really not.

Big Pumpy: No matter. I'll figure something out. You'll see.