Halloween 2019 - Day 18


*Ratta tatta*

*Ratta tat*

*Tatta tatta click click*

*Sputter pop pop, whoosh*

Cael: That's a new one.

Drago: Don't knock it. If the items start delivering themselves, then all the better. Why do you think people order off Amazon now. Who wants social interaction?

Cael: I didn't say it was a bad thing. Stop putting words in my mouth...

Drago: Now who's in a bad mood? Where's that bottle of Goblin Juice. I like you better when you're unconscious.

Cael: Well I like you better when you're gone.

Drago: Wow great comeback. That's one for the ages.

Jeeves: Excellent job setting up the camera. However I didn't expect reality-TV level melodrama. This is painful.

Meow Mix: Best get used to it. This is all they do.

Sands: Wait, I think they're going to say something important.

Drago: Poopy-pants...

Sands: Okay, maybe not.

Cael: I'm going out for a breather. I'll just stash this in the corner with the other things we don't care about.

Drago: Do you really have to aim the eye right at me.

Drago: It's very unsettling.