Halloween 2019 - Day 19


Jeeves: So we've decided to lighten the mood up a little.

Jeeves: We know things have been a little tense around here, so a small pick-me-up is in order.

Jeeves: So that's why we've decided to have a talent show. The top two winners get these prize ribbons.

Cael: Please, no. There's no reason to have a talent show. We're not in junior high.

Drago: Ah come on. It'll be a welcome distraction. You're just afraid you won't win.

Drago: Luckily for me, I have Mr. Birdy on my side. Victory is assured.

Jeeves: The bird must enter on its own. No team-ups.

Jeeves: And I'm back with today's items. I probably shouldn't have wasted the trip driving an empty buggy out here.

Jeeves: I have pumpkins. Pumpkins in every flavor.

Jeeves: Well maybe 'flavor' isn't the best choice of words, but each does look different. I haven't tasted any of them to be honest.

Jeeves: The white one was from an adult store, so I had to rub off one of the letters to make it family friendly.

Cael: Wow, a week's worth of items in one shot. I guess we won't be seeing you then for a while?

Jeeves: You will see me first thing tomorrow. These count as one collective item, and you aren't skipping out on the talent show.

Cael: Can't blame me for trying.

Cael: So are you going to unload these for me?

Jeeves: As you wish.

Drago: You have no idea how long I've waited for this moment. It's beautiful.

Jeeves: Enough chatter, get them arranged and then start practicing!

Big Pumpy: So they want me to share, do they?

Big Pumpy: Well Big Pumpy isn't in a sharing mood.

Big Pumpy: Well not before a few small alterations...

Cael: Hey, it's one of those color swapping sequins things. They've been pretty popular this year.

Cael: Though, they usually work better when the surface is a little flatter. I have a feeling this will always be a mix of the two colors.

Cael: Well let's get these scattered around. The bird needs to pitch in too.

Cael: I guess up here works. It blocks the solar panels, but it's also out of our way. Given our space limitations, what else can I do.

Drago: I'll throw the rest over here. The way Jeeves speeds into the place, he'd likely smash them all to pieces. We'd probably still get blamed.

Cael: Perfect. Now what are we going to do for that stupid talent show?