Halloween 2019 - Day 21


Sands: Greetings, we bring today's items

Meow Mix: It's spoooooky slime for your spoooky Halloween setup.

Big Pumpy: It's boogerific

Cael: Just when I thought you all couldn't be more annoying.

Big Pumpy: Well prepare to think some more. There's a whole pile of this stuff.

Drago: This is disgusting. How are we supposed to decorate with slime. Didn't you ever see the warning they put on the Moss Man figure.

Cael: I suppose we could just keep them around in the containers. But part of me thinks that people will think we're keeping bodily fluids around.

Drago: You mean...

Cael: Yes, snot...

Drago: Er yeah, that's what I was thinking too.

Meow Mix: Well whatever you do, we won't be here. Toodles

Jeeves: Where have you all been? I was just about to deliver today's item.

Meow Mix: Um, *we* just delivered today's item...

Jeeves: Impossible. I have it right behind me.

Jeeves: What, pray tell, did you bring over there?

Sands: Those bottles of slime. You had them all stacked up next to the door.

Jeeves: Fools! That was raw hazardous waste from my 'side business'.

Jeeves: I will go retrieve them, but keep your hands raised until I get back as you ponder your life choices.

Drago: Gross, the lid on this one just popped off. It's all over my hand.

Drago: Wait! It's dripping upwards. This is disgusting.

Cael: I think I see something in the center. It looks like a tiny body of some sort.

Drago: Argh, it's spreading! Get it off me!

Drago: And what is that thing I feel on my back?!

Cael: Well turn around. I can't seen *through* you...

Drago: There. I just flung it over my shoulder, like a continental soldier. Do my ears hang low?

Drago: Do they wobble to and fro?

Cael: I didn't see anything, and please never sing again.

Jeeves: Cael, so good to see you! I see you haven't done anything with those containers of slime.

Jeeves: What is wrong with him?

Cael: He's going through man-o-pause or something. Just ignore it.

Cael: But yeah, sorry. We were still trying to figure out the best way to decorate with it without the place looking like it was the aftermath of a clown massacre and/or orgy.

Jeeves: Never mind your crude analogies, there has been a mix up. I have your actual item right back here.

Jeeves: I believe these will be more to your liking.

Cael: You believe wrong, but it's still a step up.

Jeeves: Very good, now kindly pack up the slime, so I don't have to.

Jeeves: And make sure nothing spills out.