Halloween 2019 - Day 22


Drago: Well, we did our best all things considered. The slime was one thing, but these didn't exactly have a natural place in the overal decor.

Drago: And I'm still debating a few of our choices.

Cael: There is no *our*, these were all your doing.

Greetings strangers. We have been sent over to help out.

I am Sir Tanzwut, and my lovely bride over there is Madame Corax.

Cael: Wow, talking crows. How come your bird doesn't talk, Drago? Sort of takes the thunder out of its 1st Place ribbon, eh?

Tanwut: Please, we are ravens. 'Crow' is the n-word of the Corvus genus.

Corax: Your blatent racism aside, this place is filthy, and we have come to clean it up after numerous complaints.

Corax: And once we tackle the sanitation issues, we'll have a 'chat' about your interior design decisions.

Tanzwut: Is that unicorn poop?

Taznwut: Words can't convey our disappointment.

Jeeves: Every last one. And be mindful of the caps; I didn't actually secure them in any way.

Jeeves: You are lucky that I arrived in time. And also lucky that they were unmotivated enough to not have bothered doing anything with them.

Big Pumpy: This would go faster if my arms weren't seized up from holding them up all night. Why did you wait until this morning to return?

Meow Mix: This one seems a little low. You sure they didn't open any of them?

Jeeves: Ignorance is bliss. Put it in with the rest.

Jeeves: Now please put them in the corner and don't touch them again.

Corax: There, much better. It looks like a whole new place.

It's okay that you didn't help. It's best to leave the work for those who lack hands.

Corax: The pumpkin droppings are in one house...

Tanzwut: ...the bats are in another.

Corax: And my ducks are all in a row

Cael: Those are rats

Corax: They're called ducks where I'm from

Drago: This is great. I wish they showed up sooner.

Cael: I've been saying this place was in need of cleaning for weeks now.

Drago: Yet you did nothing...

Tanzwut: Well it's all in order now. Let's try to keep it that way going forward, shall we.