Halloween 2019 - Day 23


Are you sure these are the chosen ones?

Well, they did save one of our bretheren.
They have to be.

But they seem so lazy and useless

They're never the ones you expect...

Jeeves: Cael, move your feet. My wheels need room.

Jeeves: And why are you still sleeping? It's 3:00 PM.

Drago: 3:00, really? I'm holding out for 5:00 at least.

Jeeves: Whoever you are, you will get up now. I bring a bag of skulls. Colorful ones

Cael: Got it. We'll scatter them around in due time.

Drago: Will we really?

Cael: Nope. Got the crows for that.

Corax: Ravens! What did we tell you about that!

Sands: There they are. The forbidden fruit.

Sands: So beautiful. What shame we must keep these locked up.

Sands: Wait, there's something in there.

Tanzwut: So the key isn't just throwing them on the ground and calling it a day.

Tanzwut: You need to pluck one out at a time, and place it in a strategic location. It's a delicate art.

Corax: And again, it would be much easier if someone who had, say...arms...helped us, but alas.

Tanzwut: See, spacing them out between existing decorations, adds a balance to the place. Plus it's all around the edge, so we don't trip over things during the day.

Tanzwut: It's all very simple

Cael: But you only took like three out. What are we going to do with the rest?

Corax: Simple, they go in the compost pile. We threw the unicorn poo in there earlier.

Drago: Isn't that going to stink up the place.

Corax: Have you ever smelled composting unicorn droppings? Deeeeelightful