Halloween 2019 - Day 24


Jeeves: It's getting crowded in here. I'm likely to run someone over one day.

Drago: Someday?

Jeeves: Hopefully. I have today's items. It's not much, but there are three, so one for you and two for the crows.

Tanzwut: We're ravens, you dragon!

Cael: Bad form Jeeves. But thanks for these pens disguised as severed arms. Pure class.

Jeeves: Don't thank me yet. I've also brought all of your tax paperwork. And don't think you're e-filing...

Big Pumpy: I sort of see something...

Big Pumpy: But to be honest, it just looks like a pile of goo.

Meow Mix: There's no way I'm digging in there either to investigate further. I technically can't wash these clothes ever due to the dyes I used.

Sands: Well if you two won't help, I'll have to take matters into my own hands.

Cael: Soooooo, where do we put these then?

Drago: I think I'll just use mine as a staff. I feel it makes me look more regal.

Tanzwut: Um, Jeeves clearly stated that two of them were for us. Hand it over.

Wait, I didn't mean to make that pun...