Halloween 2019 - Day 25


Cael: Finally I can begin my fledgling poetry career.

Cael: I just need to find the right words. Do I stick with archaic vocabulary, or keep it fresh and modern?

Cael: Humph. Hours later and the page is still blank.

Drago: Cael! Stop being creative, and come look at this!

Drago: Someone killed all the rats last night. Toasted them too.

Drago: I can't say I'm upset at this, but the intrusion is mildly concerning, plus the fact that we will surely be blamed.

Drago: Any ideas what we should do?

Tanzwut: There's clearly only one answer...

Corax: ...Compost...

Drago: I know this is for the best, but it's unnerving all the same.

Drago: And I thought the compost can was out back somewhere. Why did the crows just reuse our jack-o-lantern barrel?

Cael: Stop talking, and just chuck them in. The sooner the evidence is gone, the better.

Jeeves: Cael, why does it smell like the Renaissance in here?

Cael: Um...we're burning incense?

Jeeves: Well at least you're using a barrel, but why is it not out back?

Jeeves: But never mind that, today's is a big one. It barely fit.

Jeeves: Oof. I'd throw this to you, but even I have my limits.

Drago: There's no way that fit in your carriage, yet there it is.

Jeeves: Nonsense, you just saw me take it out. It's a large item, and space is dwindling, so best of luck.

Cael: Perhaps you could have anticipated our space needs at the beginning of the month, so we weren't shuffling things around each day.

Drago: No use, he's gone already.

Cael: Well, I see lights inside. Let's get this lit up.

Cael: Pretty, but that spooky artwork clashes with the Good Housekeeping vibe.

Cael: Ah, how can I give this anything other than praise?

Cael: But seriously. Where am I going to put this?