Halloween 2019 - Day 26


Five More Days 'Til Halloween


Here's Your Earworm...

Cael: You find new ways for me to hate you each day. And why are we still adding bulky items so late in the month. Can't we just have some spider rings or something?

Big Pumpy: There's spiders everywhere around here. You just haven't found them.

Cael: That's even worse. I haven't seen any, have you?

Drago: I plead the fifth.

Cael: Well back to the task at hand. Where do we put this monstrosity? We could just leave it in the middle. That may stop Jeeves from driving in here at all hours of the day.

Drago: I'd normally agree, but we're approaching the end. Best to just make nice-nice and collect your paycheck.

Cael: Don't ever use the term 'nice-nice' again. This does seem to be a good place for it though. Assuming it doesn't fall over in the night and crush my skull in.

Cael: Ever have the feeling that someone is judging you?

Croax: Relax, we just came to commend you on your organization skills. We had a bet going that you would just leave it in the middle so Jeeves couldn't drive in at all hours of the day.

Sands: Maybe this laser will help shed some light on the mystery.

Sands: There, something is getting clearer.

Sands: This is even more twisted than I thought...

Corax: Just take some time and soak it all in. It's a job, but you get to spend a month surrounded by Halloween in its purest form. Look at the space we've built.

Cael: We?

Tanzwut: We could argue about the details all day, but look around.

Tanzwut: We've got tiny houses, teddy bears, pumpkins...

Corax: ...and eyeballs...wait, that's actually unnerving. How have you lived with this staring at you all this time?