Halloween 2019 - Day 27


Hello brother. We've finally found you.

We came as soon as we saw that you had lit the rat signal.

We're very close to finding the rest. Remain here for just a little longer, and keep an eye on the chosen ones.

We'll be home in no time.

Drago: Sooooo, what are these? They don't seem very Halloweeny

Cael: Abstract art maybe? Something to guide the viewer's eyes to a focal point...

Corax: Nonsense, they are road lines so Jeeves knows where to drive without hitting anything.

Drago: Too little, too late...


Drago: Ack! It's alive!

Cael: Don't just stand there, get it off!

Drago: Hold on buddy, I'll save you!

Cael: You idiot, how did you get one wrapped around your neck too?

Cael: I swear, you wouldn't have made it past Day 9 without me.

Drago: Give me credit. Day 17 at the earliest.

Cael: Well these are obviously dangerous artifacts, and must be stored properly.

Cael: There. They're safely away from wind pipes and look decorative as well.

Alas, the rest. But they're being guarded.

We'll have to do this at night. It's the only way.

I'm pretty sure those creatures are nocturnal. Or at least sleep in shifts.

I think I may have a better plan...