Halloween 2019 - Day 28


Jeeves: And so we start the final week.

Cael: Does that mean I get my check soon? I thought I was getting payrolled throughout all of this.

Jeeves: Probably not. Today's item is a bag of spider webs. I know you were concerned over the space limitations lately. You spoke. We listened. That is certainly worth a paycheck in my book.

Cael: Not even close. I suppose it's a fool's errand to ask if these spiders need immediate release from their vacuum sealed prison.

Drago: Spiders are actually one of the few animals that don't need air.

Cael: Really?

Drago: Not sure.

Cael: Toile D'Araignee...I think that's french for a Spider's Toilet. We're still getting bathroom humor no matter how abstract the item.

Drago: Hey the spiders lived!

Cael: Really?

Drago: Not sure.

Cael: It's probably best if we just arrange it in this back area. It's sticking to everything, and I don't want to clean up the mess later.

Drago: Good call. A better one would have been warning me to wear gloves first. This is never coming off.

Drago: Wait, that's the corner where we sit...

Drago: ...and I'm right under the dead spiders...

Cael: Just three more days. Keep telling yourself that.

Big Pumpy: I really don't think that's a good idea. You know what Jeeves said.

Sands: I can't help it. I know what I saw, and you need to see it too.

I probably shouldn't have pulled out the empty one first.

Big Pumpy: Heads up chief. Behind you.

Jeeves: Sands O'Time! What did I tell you!

Jeeves: Do not meddle in my 'side work'. Now put it back.

Sands: But there's something going on...

We're running out of time.
They will discover the truth soon...

We must call for the chosen ones

Is it too soon?

We don't have a choice
We need them

I'll pen the letter

This would be so much easier if I had arms.