Halloween 2019 - Day 29


Sands: What do you mean you lost today's item? We're already all in trouble from yesterday!

Meow Mix: Not to lessen Big Pumpy's transgression, but that one was all on you.

Big Pumpy: Guys! Don't worry, I have it all taken care of...

Cael: I wonder what I'll do after this is all done? I mean it's only a month, but this feels like it took forever.

Drago: I know what you mean. I'm 99% sure at this point that I have no family left to return home to.

Cael: That aside, where is everyone today?

Big Pumpy: See this stuff is very season appropriate. Smells too.

Big Pumpy: I mean smells good..as well. I wouldn't be head deep in a biohazard.

Big Pumpy: It's perfect, they'll never know what they're missing.

A A A A A A A A ! ! ! !

Meow Mix: Slow down, I can barely hold on. And I'm inside the carriage.

Big Pumpy: I'm not sure I can. I'm not even holding on to anything.

Sands: I'm going to be sick!

Drago: There's that tell-take squeeking, but it's a bit more intense than usual.

A A A A A A A A ! ! ! !

Sands: Ugh, I feel like I need to fill out a Title IX violation.

Sands: Pardon me while I lose half my body mass.

Cael: Who let you drive!

Big Pumpy: Never mind that; look at what we brought. That's certainly something you would normally get on any given day, right?

Cael: So shall we arrange this, or are you two going to eat it?

Corax: We don't eat random chunks of wood, thank you very much.

Corax: But on the bright side, this is easy to work with. Since it's more about the smell, we can just stash it around out of sight, and it works just the same.

Why haven't they arrived?
They should be here by now.

I sent the letter yesterday.
It may take a few days.

Why a few days?
Didn't you deliver it directly?

No, I mailed it.

That will take too long!
Time is critical!

But I used the new Spooky Silhouettes stamps...