Halloween 2019 - Day 30


Cael: I'm really not sure what to make of this...

Cael: It's just a bunch of scribbles. That haunted house clip-art is legit though.

Cael: I'm still not even sure how it got here. It wasn't even in an envelope.

Cael: It was just taped to the back of these stamps. The entire sheet of stamps. It makes no sense.

Drago: It's unnatural. Almost like it was created by...


Cael: What? That's a bit of a stretch.

Cael: Still though, this chickenscratch is puzzling.

Tanzwut: Chickenscratch, you say? Let me take a look.

Tanzwut: Hmm, this does look familiar.

Tanzwut: It looks like the work of another bird.

Cael: Is it another language? One that birds speak?

Tanzwut: Not another language per se, but rather the result of trying to write with wings. Avian literature has suffered greatly because of that.

Drago: So you can read it?

Tanzwut: It's less about reading it, but rather identifying the attempts. We can see what they *tried* to write based on the angles and pressure of the lines. Every letter sent is more of an exercise in forensics than meaningful conversation.

Tanzwut: But yes, this is a letter for you both. You need to meet at a certain location and rescue a family.

Cael: Family? What family?

Tanzwut: It doesn't go into detail. Give me a little credit, I'm performing miracles deciphering these scribbles.

Cael: Okay, okay. I guess let's just get the location and hope for the best.

Drago: Wait, so you're just going to leave your post and blindly follow a note that you can't read?

Cael: I can't help it. I'm enchanted by that clip-art.

Cael: Is it just me, or are these trees enormous?

Cael: I hope those directions were accurate. There's no way I'm finding my way back otherwise.

Drago: Hold up a minute, there's something I need to do first.


Drago: That wasn't nearly as soft as I've been told.

Drago: Never jump into a pile of leaves with a wet sucker...

Jeeves: They're gone! Time to start the final phase...

Jeeves: We will set things up over there. You remain here and guard the capsules.

Sands: May I open them?

Jeeves: You may not

Drago: We've been out here for hours. Are you sure you know where you're going?

Drago: It's not too late to just head back. I think I can find our way.

Cael: Too late. I'm hopelessly lost. Best to just continue forward and hope the bird talk didn't lie to us.

Drago: Solid plan

Drago: It's freezing here. Where are we?

Cael: I think we wandered too far north. Jeeves certainly couldn't have traveled this much every single day.

Drago: Dunno, with the way he drives...

Drago: Hmmm, Christmas stuff.

Cael: Ack, earlier and earlier every year.

Cael: This is hopeless. I shouldn't have blindly set off. We were so close to finishing the month.

Cael: Hmm, what's this?

Drago: Seems like another countdown, but for Christmas.

Cael: Please, let's just go before we get roped into another month's worth of chaos.

Cael: Then again, how much trouble could a Christmas countdown produce?

Kuse: What was that?

Knacks: not sure, but they were pretty rude.

Mare: Hopefully no one gives them their own countdown.

Tigerboy: Umm, we don't even have a countdown.

Hssxxlllo: We've been staring at this box for 8 years now.

Matt: Sorry, been busy.

Mista Snowman: But I'll never know if my Christmas Card arrived!

Jeeves: Arise my children of the darkness. Our time is at hand.

Jeeves: Your roles will be mildly insignificant and more for the much needed muscle

Jeeves: Nevertheless our combined efforts will fulfill our destinies

Jeeves: Tomorrow though. The prep work will probably take all night.