Halloween 2019 - Day 31


Cael: Oof, that was a tight squeeze, but I think we're here.

Cael: Okay, time to see what this was all about.

Drago: Hey! They've been spying on us this whole time.

Cael: I knew we shouldn't have let that giant eyeball stare at us.

Drago: Now I regret those compromising positions from morning yoga

Cael: Yeah me too. Go outside next time.

Cael: So do you see any clues? I'm still not entirely sure what we're looking for.

Cael: Hey, there's that unicorn poo. I was thinking that was just some hallucination on my part.

Cael: Then again, you saw it too...

Cael: Drago?

Sands: Tee-hee, we're coming to take you away, hey hey.

Drago: Heeeeeelp!

Cael: Nooooo!!!!

Jeeves: I know you got the heavier end, but I wasn't going to be staring at his disgusting feet the entire time.

Jeeves: There, right in the middle. Perfect.

Jeeves: I should probably check and make sure I wasn't carrying an empty casket this whole time.

. . . .

Ok good. Everything is in order.

Jeeves: You know what to do once they return...

Cael: Here's one of those slime-filled canisters.

Cael: But where did the rest go? I remember this being full.

Cael: I feel like there are too many conflicting plot points for me to track.

Drago: Yeeeeeeeee!

Meow Mix: Pipe down. We just need to bring you to the boss. We'll only torture you a little.

Big Pumpy: Tickle, tickle, tickle...

Drago: Noooooo tickling!

Jeeves: The pentagram is complete. We could have been done a lot sooner if we hadn't spent an hour constructing a pentagon. That was somewhat embarassing.

Jeeves: The witch fingers weren't really part of the ritual, but I think they add some much needed flair.

Jeeves: Patience. Your time will come soon enough.

Jeeves: I already told the pumpkin what to do, but I don't think you were listening. So be prepared when they arrive.

This is hopeless.
I'm doubting that they are the chosen ones.

Perhaps we were wrong.
I think it's time to intervene.

Cael: There they are.

Cael: Seems to be something inside. Like a small body. Gross

Well that's rather rude

Cael: Who, what, are you?

We're birds. We're here to help you help us.

Cael: Wait, birds. Did you write that letter? You could have done a little better with the directions.

Cael: So where is that family that I'm supposed to rescue.

You're holding them

Cael: Double gross

Tanzwut: I don't see this ending well.

Tanzwut: Shall we anticipate our emergency plan?

Corax: I don't see any other way.

I'm pretty sure I saw them take your friend this way.

Ah, there he is. Safe and sound.

Cael: Safe?! Drago, what have they done to you?

Cael: Say something. Anything!

Cael: He's unresponsive. What happened to him?

I imagine he's traumatized. Wouldn't you be?

Cael: Okay, I piled these in the carriage. Shouldn't I have put them in the back, so I have a place to sit?

No, no, that's fine. They'll need your warmth in order to incubate properly.

Cael: Okay then. Is everyone set to go?

Ready as we'll ever be.

Cael: Hang tight buddy, I'll get you home.

Cael: Now might be the time to state that I have no idea how to drive.


Jeeves: Cael. Right on time. How nice to see you again.

Cael: The gig's up Jeeves. Even though I have no idea what's going on.

Cael: Care to Deus Ex Machina this whole thing. Evil villain speech and all.

Jeeves: Gladly. But before I monolog, I'll need some assurance that you won't stop me.

Jeeves: Bring him in.

Drago: Cael! They tickled me. It was awful.

Cael: Drago? What are you doing here?

Cael: And who is this then???

Jeeves: That's a dead clown I keep locked up. Why did you feel the need to bring him here.

Drago: It warms my heart that you got us confused.

Jeeves: Tie him up with the other, and throw the clown in the corner.

Cael: You'll never get away with this!

Quick, dump out the canisters.

Drago: Fine mess you got us in.

Cael: That *I* got us in. You were the one who got captured. I had to return for you.

Drago: Lies, you thought that I was the clown.

Jeeves: Pipe down. The ceremony is set to begin.

Jeeves: I'd like to thank whats-his-name for donating his child for our sacrifice

Jeeves: Though this would go much smoother if I wasn't feeling the dead eyes of this clown staring at me throughout it.

Jeeves: I would also like to welcome the rest of our clan...

A A A A A ! ! ! !

A A A A A ! ! ! !

A A A A A A ! ! ! !

A A A A A ! ! ! !

A A A A A A ! ! ! !

A A A A A A A ! ! ! !

A A A A ! ! ! !

A A A A A ! ! ! !

A A A A A A ! ! ! !

A A A A A A A ! ! ! !

Jeeves: Dim the lights please....thank you

Jeeves: You must have seen the signs. They're all around you. Everywhere you go.

Jeeves: However no one really looks anymore. Perhaps you caught glimpse, but brushed it off as a passing fad.

Jeeves: The poo emoji. It has taken over. And with this unholy ritual, it will reach its final form.

Cael: It was supposed to be a chocolate ice-cream emoji!

Jeeves: We both know better, but whatever comforting lies you want to tell yourself...

Jeeves: Soon the poo motif will consume everything. We already have wind-up poo, candy poo, wind-up poos that poo candy poo.

Drago: I admit, that was my breaking point.

Jeeves: And now nothing will be spared. No decor left untainted.

Corax: Pardon me.

Jeeves: Leave us be. There is nothing you can do to stop it now.

Tanzwut: I wouldn't count us out yet. We have a little trick up our sleeves.

Corax: Sleeves?

Tanwut: Shoosh, it's figurative.



Drago: Hey, will you look at that.



Cyber-Raven: All is well. Let me take those restraints off.

Now! Release the slime...

...free your brethren...

...and prepare to transform!




Cael: Every day this month was so simple. Now I can't keep track of who's who.

Cyber-Raven: Shhh, I want to see this.



Cael: I expected a little more spectacle than that to be honest.

Cyber-Raven: Did you not see me shoot lasers out of my eyes and save the day?

Drago: Hey buddy. Glad you're okay. Maybe we'll try to find mom later.

Cael: So what is all this about.

Well long story short. We crashed on Earth, most of us got trapped in slime filled canisters, while we three turned into birds pretending to be monsters.

Drago: Aliens pretending to be birds, pretending to be monsters. Got it. Why didn't you zap away the clown too?

Ran out of energy

Cael: Fair enough. I won't ask why some of you chose to be grey aliens.

Cael: But if this is your true form, have we been wearing the skins of your species on our heads all month.

You have! That will be awkward to tell their families when we get back.


Drago: Anything else today?

Cael: Probably best not to ask.

Cael: So, um, Cyber-Raven. Are the two of you sharing one body?

Cyber-Raven: When you've been married this long, what's the difference?

Cyber-Raven: But my work here is done. Try not to trash the place. Recycle, reuse, stop forest fires, be kind - rewind, etc...

Cael: Well I hate to say it, but I might miss this place.

Drago: Enough to do it again next year.

Cael: Sometimes it's just best to smile and nod.

Drago: Well it has been a weird journey. Can't say I hated it too much.

Cael: Works for me. Now lets go find some clearance Halloween candy.


No more Goblin Juice for me on a weekday.

Where am I?

This decor is hideous!

Whoever is responsible should be ashamed