Previously on Dannarchy's Halloween

Drago: So we're stuck all month opening Halloween items once per day?

Cael: Yup

Jeeves: You may or may not be paid. Hold off on bathroom breaks until November.

Drago: Why do you keep running me over?

Cael: Why is there poo everywhere?

Drago: 30 days is going to take forever

Cael: Why are all the animals vacuum sealed?

Cael: Why is your kids hips on backwards?


*All hail*

Drago: Put your tallywhacker away

Jeeves: Drown your sorrows

Meow Mix: We'll take good care of him

*Plop Plop Plop*

Jeeves: Now we can spy on them

*Talent Show!*

Drago: I'm covered in slime!

Tanzwut: We've come to make better interior design decisions


*Birds for some reason*

Tanzwut: This cryptic note says you need to go somewhere

Cael: OK!

Drago: We're lost

Mista Snowman: Christmas Miracle!

Jeeves: Our plan is almost finished

Cael: Drago's a clown now!

Cael: I'm going to stop your plans, whatever they are

Cael: Or I can get tied up

Jeeves: Nothing can stop us...

CyberCrow: We can

Aliens that used to be the birds: We can too


Drago: I didn't understand any of this