Halloween 2020 - Day 01


Cael: ...And that's a wrap on episode 1 of 'An Hour with Cael & Drago'

Cael: How do you think we did?

Cael: I mean by Public Access standards anyway.

Drago: Not bad, but I think we should have guests on, or even just cover topics. It was a bit of a stretch showing off our set for an hour.

Drago: And it was worse having those three stare at us the whole time.

Cael: Well they're there for a reason.

Drago: Still doesn't help. Can't we get rid of them?

Big Pumpy: Boys! Boiz! We're the only ones with the talent to film your wonderful show.

Drago: But why aren't you even using real cameras?

Big Pumpy: It's the DSLR revolution! We can do it on the cheap.

Drago: That 'revolution' was like 12 years ago. I'm not buying it.

Big Pumpy: No one is buying anything. It's public access, remember.

Cael: Look everyone is chipping in for free. We don't have the cash like last year. Remember what we had to do for that money?

Cael: I mean if we had gotten the money instead of finding out it was just a cultist plot to normalize poo humor.

Drago: It worked to a degree, so you might want to watch where your hand is.

Big Pumpy: Great job all. We'll meet up tomorrow.

Sands O'Time: Him too?

Big Pumpy: No, not him. How'd he get one of the cameras?

Drago: Sonny, you're the intern. You're supposed to only get coffee and candy for us. I see neither.

Drago: Kindly tidy up around here and prep for tomorrow.

Drago: And shut the lights out when you go.

Drago: Oops, too late.


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