Halloween 2020 - Day 02


Cael: Ending our show, we have two very special guests.

Cael: Please welcome Hedgekin and Hogbug.

Hedgekin: Thank you, it's an honor to be on this show.

Drago: So tell us a little something about yourselves. You have three minutes.

Hedgekin: Well I just wanted to give tidings of comfort and joy this holiday season.

Hedgekin: Spooky comforts of course, haha. It's a bit early for Christmas.

Cael: We figured as much. Now I heard rumors of a gift...?

Hedgekin: Why of course. It's right here:

. . .

Cael: What on Earth is that.

Hedgekin: It's a Gimblegob, perfect for your show. I think he'll add some much needed flair.

Cael: Smile and wave, and we'll dump it at the Fire Department after the show.

Cael: Okay, everyone. Join us tomorrow for another Hour with Cael & Drago.

Cael: The sack is ready. On 3...

Hogbug: How long must we wait? We've been here for hours.

Hedgekin: Not much longer. It's almost midnight.

Hogbug: Then why did we start at 9:00 if we knew that?


Hogbug: Ploop?

Hedgekin: It has arrived.

Hedgekin: Wonderful. This will form an important plot point later hopefully.

Hogbug: Are we naming each of these?

Hedgekin: No of course not. That would be insane.