Halloween 2020 - Day 03


Cael: Welcome back. Great to see you again.

CyberCrow: Good to be here. We shouldn't go so long without touching base.

Cael: For sure. So what have you been up to these day?

CyberCrow: Oh, you know... the usual. There's always some disaster around the globe that needs my attention. Or at least some decorating assistance.

Drago: I take it you adjusted to living in the same body with each other. Anything weird about that?

CyberCrow: Not at all actually. You see birds have a cloaca, so the urinary tract is merged into...

Cael: Okaaaay, we're going to call it a day. I'd like to thank our guest, and hope there's a gift in our future.

CyberCrow: Definitely. I wouldn't come empty handed. Oops, there's those figures of speech again.

CyberCrow: Course hands would be helpful right now, but I've learnt not to count on any help.

CyberCrow: They claim it doesn't need water, and also don't touch that bitey part in the middle.

Drago: Thanks, I hate it.


Hogbug: Why are there two balls, yet we've only received one?

Hedgekin: Beats me, but that's not our concern. Maybe the first one was double layered.


Hedgekin: Don't deny it. That's adorable.