Halloween 2020 - Day 04


Cael: *Sigh* Our next guess you may be familiar with.

Cael: He's set to be a thorn in our sides forever more.

Big Pumpy: Ey Guys! Glad to be here.

Drago: You're always here, why aren't you filming.

Big Pumpy: I got bored, and I knew you had no one lined up for today.

Cael: Well please tell me you at least brought a gift. It's customary now.

Big Pumpy: Of course. I brought along my spidey friend. Hopefully you've checked out Arachtober already.

Cael: Naturally. It's a staple of the season. Hey Drago, I think it likes you.

Cael: Well thanks for stopping by. Now please get back to camera duties. I don't trust the skull guy.

Drago: Cael! I think it's going to do something inappropriate!

Cael: Well let it, we have bigger concerns right now.

Cael: We already forgot to change the countdown. We couldn't make it four days!